CITEC researchers not only publish their work via scientific articles or at conferences - they do also present it in videos. These films illustrate how the teams are proceeding and which methods and research question they are using.

Videos on the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) can be seen in the CITEC Youtube Channel This overview shows a selection of videos on CITEC.

10 Years of CITEC

For more than a decade, the Cluster of Excellence CITEC has been working to build better bridges between humans and technology. CITEC researchers explain the aspects that make their Cluster unique.

Sonification: Improving Swim Technique by Ear

CITEC researchers have developed a system that elite swimmers can use to optimize their technique. The system enhances athletes’ perception by allowing them to hear, in real time, how the flow of the water changes as they swim through it. Bielefeld University’s “research_tv” reports on this innovation.

ICSpace: Training Movement in Virtual Reality

A new system in a virtual coaching room helps people practice and improve physical exercises and other motor actions. Six research groups at Bielefeld University’s Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) are working on such a virtual training room in the large-scale CITEC project ICSpace. Bielefeld University’s “research_tv” reports on this innovation.

Floka the Social Robot – A Companion in the Apartment of the Future

Floka is the name of the new service robot at the Cluster of Excellence CITEC. Floka is outfitted with a new “social” robot head, which was developed at CITEC. The robot’s facial expressions can convey happiness, worry, curiosity, or anger. In this video, researchers from the Cluster of Excellence explain how Floka lends a hand in the apartment as a social companion.

Hector – A Robotic Stick Insect Learns to Walk

Researchers on the large-scale CITEC project Eicci have succeeded in teaching a one-of-a-kind robot to walk. Hector the robot’s construction is modelled after a stick insect, inspired by the insect’s passive-elastic joints and its extremely lightweight exoskeleton. What makes Hector so unique is that in addition to the many sensors the robot is equipped with, it also works with a decentralized controlling concept called Walknet.

This overview shows a selection of videos on CITEC. For more Videos please visit the CITEC Youtube Channel