Programming and Developing Many-Core Architectures Workshop

04.12.2017 to 15.12.2017

The hands-on MPSoC Programming workshop will take place December 04-15, 2017 at Bielefeld University. Scientists from two network partners will participate: PhD researcher Neela Gayen from the Science and Engineering Faculty of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) as well as Dr. Thorsten Jungeblut and the PhD researchers Johannes Ax, Martin Flasskamp and Christian Klarhorst from the research group Cognitronics and Sensor Systems, headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Rückert (Bielefeld University, CITEC).

The workshop aims at evolving new methodologies to program complex, embedded many-core platforms in a resource efficient way. The scientist from QUT will provide details about the requirements and limits of partitioning algorithms in the field of programming many-core systems. These insights are employed to steer the future development of the hierarchical many-core architecture CoreVA-MPSoC developed at CITEC.

A detailed organizational schedule will be drawn up which includes the following content:

  • Implementation details of the many-core architecture CoreVA-MPSoC

  • Novel partitioning algorithms targeting embedded MPSOC architectures

The practical part of the workshop starts with the introduction into the existing simulation and programming environment. Furthermore, the joint development, a compiler for automatic partitioning, will be extended by a new algorithmic approach and further modelling of the hardware architecture. The goal of the workshop is to improve the understanding of the hardware and software perspective at both groups. This will be the basis of further joint research in the MPSoC programming domain.