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As an economic and cultural centre of East Westphalia and with its population of 330,000 inhabitants, Bielefeld is one of the twenty major cities in Germany. Bielefeld‘s excellent infrastructure and its central location puts it within easy reach of all parts of Europe and the rest of the world. The nearest international airports are Hannover (110 km – ca. 1 hour by train), Paderborn (70 km – ca. 1 hour by car, shuttle service is possible), and Düsseldorf (190 km – ca. 1.5 hours by train). Düsseldorf, Frankfurt (320 km – ca. 3 hours by train), and Berlin (400 km – ca. 2.5 hours by train) offer many direct connections to international locations. 

Map access to Bielefeld 

After arriving in Bielefeld Hbf (mainstation) leave through the main entrance and go straight on to the “Stadtbahn” (tram). Then please take the “Stadtbahnlinie 4” with direction to “Lohmannshof” until “Wellensiek” (8 minutes). On the opposite side of the tram stop a footpath leads to the CITEC buiding. The CITEC building is next to the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.

The address of the CITEC building is: Inspiration 1, 33619 Bielefeld, Germany.

Since its foundation 50 years ago, Bielefeld University has been distinguished by an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and has been guided by the principle of its official motto "Transcending Boundaries - between disciplines and scientific cultures, between research and teaching, and between science and society".

The Cluster of Excellence CITEC stands for Bielefeld University's strategic research area "Interactive Intelligent Systems". The Cluster is mainly located in the CITEC building on the Bielefeld Campus North. The building is carefully tailored to the needs of the CITEC‘s long term research agendae. Its key element is a large central laboratory core, surrounded by a ring of auxiliary laboratories to support large-scale experiments. The integrated lecture hall creates synergies through workshops and seminars held in close proximity to the research laboratories. This concept was ranked first among 100 German competitors and received funding of 32 million Euros. Most of the CITEC robotic labs are located in the building, allowing access to a world-wide unique collection of robots ranging from humanoid platforms over biologically inspired robots and manipulation oriented robotic devices to navigation platforms.

Special offers are available for conference attendants at the hotels listed below. Please always quote the code "CITEC" when booking. Participants wishing to reserve hotel accommodation should apply online no later than 9 September 2019. From all the listed hotels, the conference venue may be reached via public transportation within less than 30 min. The sepcial offers are available from 23 October until 26 October. The arranged conditions differ from hotel to hotel. Additional regulations for cancellations and taxes may apply.

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Charly's House    
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