Conference Day 2: Friday, October 25, 2019

Prof. Dr. Britta Wrede, Deputy CITEC Coordinator
9.05Keynote: "From humanoid robots to anthropomorphic minds"
Prof. Dr. Giulio Sandini (Italian Institute of Technology)
10.00Current and former CITEC postdocs and PhD students present their research
11.30CITEC large scale project
Deep Familiarization and Learning Grounded in Cooperative manual Action and Language - from Analysis to Implementation
12.00"Embodied Intelligence and Interaction in Autonomous Hexapedal Locomotion"
Talk by Prof. Dr. Volker Dürr (Bielefeld University) and Prof. Dr,-Ing. Axel Schneider (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences) on the CITEC large scale project "Embodied Interaction as a Core of Cognitive Interaction: A holistic approach towards autonomous walking system"
12.30Lunch Break
13.30Interdisciplinary Cooperation at CITEC: Example 1
14.00Interdisciplinary Cooperation at CITEC: Example 2
14.30CITEC Careers
How CITEC shaped the professional development
14.50Interdisciplinary Cooperation at CITEC: Example 3
15.50Integrated research: The CITEC Central Lab Facilities
16.10Closing words
Prof. Dr. Helge Ritter, CITEC-Koordinator
16.15Open Labs
17.00Closing Ceremony