16. August 2018
Three robots together with child and researcher

Children Put on by Robots

A new study from CITEC researcher and her international colleagues shows how robots can influence children’s opinions.

13. August 2018

Eyes on Autopilot, or in Search Mode?

CITEC psychologist investigates attention in routine tasks. The findings could be used to develop assistive systems that are specifically tailored to individual users. 

08. August 2018

Making Communication Possible for People with Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome

A CITEC team is researching a system that is intended to allow people with unresponsive wakefulness syndrome to communicate with their surroundings.

30. July 2018
Using Eye Gaze for Easier Interaction in Virtual Worlds

Using Eye Gaze for Easier Interaction in Virtual Worlds

A team from CITEC was honored with the Best Paper Award for a method using eye gaze that enables people to better interact in virtual reality.

24. July 2018

On the Trail of the Brain

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rückert is working to better understand the human brain with the help of computer-based models. The “Human Brain Project” was extended for two years.