10. September 2018
Stick Insect

Bending Without Breaking – How Insects Feel Around Their Environment

Insects use specialized antennae for tactile exploration of their environment. Researchers investigated the structure and flexibility of insect antennae in an interdisciplinary research project.

04. September 2018
David Fleer

CITEC Congratulates David Fleer on Successful Dissertation

David Fleer successfully completed his dissertation on autonomous household cleaning robots, improving the control, localization and cleaning strategy of the robots.

04. September 2018
Martin Meier

"Robots Learn Not to Clean the Carpet with a Mop"

Martin Meier, of the Cluster of Excellence CITEC, is working with the Ease Collaborative Research Center. In an interview, he explains how robots are supposed to learn how to act autonomously.

29. August 2018
Jeffrey Queisser

CITEC Congratulates Jeffrey Queisser on Successful Dissertation

Jeffrey Queisser successfully completed his dissertation on machine learning, which investigated scenarios in which robots have to adapt their movements to a changing environment.

20. August 2018

How Bartending Robots Can Respond Faster

CITEC researchers investigated when service robots can serve customers even with uncertain information.