18. October 2018
Woman with Robot

CITEC’s Robot Head Floka at Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum

Starting on 27 October, the Floka robot head, which was designed at CITEC, will enhance the new permanent exhibition at the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum.

16. October 2018
Founders Hackdays

At Hackdays, Learning to Start a Startup

“At the Hackdays, participants learn what it means to set up their own startup,“ says René Tünnermann, mentor at the event in the end of October at CITEC.

15. October 2018
Omar Ibraheem

CITEC Congratulates Omar Ibraheem on Successful Dissertation

Omar Ibraheem successfully completed his dissertation. He developed a system to track and record movement in indoor sports.

08. October 2018
 Natalia Reich-Stiebert

Educational Robots

Robots can contribute to the learning environment in schools. For this to happen, though, robots must first be accepted, says Natalia Reich-Stiebert.

01. October 2018
Hendrik Buschmeier

“Without Feedback, Humans Can Only Communicate with Difficulty”

Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Buschmeier, from the Cluster of Excellence CITEC, studies natural communication. In an interview, he explains how machines can understand feedback from their users.