17. December 2018
Portable Audio Ring

Testing and Training Spatial Hearing

Researchers from CITEC have developed a system that tests spatial hearing in a natural hearing situation, and can later be used for training.

06. December 2018
EEG and Eyetracking

How a Robot Reacts to Different Languages

CITEC researcher Dr. Marietta Sionti studies how commands given to robots can be adapted to other languages coming from English.

03. December 2018

Land of Ideas: Secretary of the Interior Receives CITEC Researchers

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Secretary of the Interior, Ina Scharrenbach, received CITEC researchers who developed intelligent data glasses.


26. November 2018
Foto: CITEC/Uni Bielefeld

When A Robot Politely Requests Your Attention

Ricarda Wullenkord studying socially appropriate behavior for assistance systems - and what this even means in the first place.

19. November 2018
Tablet with text PHD

Doctoral Studies at CITEC

Doctoral students talk about their research at CITEC and the impact it could have on society.