08. January 2019
Mona Lisa

Myth of Mona Lisa’s Magical Gaze Debunked

The feeling of being stared at by a picture - that is called "Mona Lisa effect". However, this effect does not occur with the world famous painting itself. That's what CITEC researchers found out.

20. December 2018
Consultancy Situation

Protecting What’s Said at the Pharmacy and Doctor’s Office

At companies and offices with open floor plans, how can what is said be protected from others hearing it? A technical solution for this is being developed by researchers at the Cluster of Excellence CITEC.

19. December 2018
Professor Dr. Wolfgang Prinz

Honorary Doctorate for Professor Dr. Wolfgang Prinz

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Prinz, member of the CITEC Advisory Board and a pioneering researcher in cognition, will be awarded an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Psychology and Sports Science.

17. December 2018
Portable Audio Ring

Testing and Training Spatial Hearing

Researchers from CITEC have developed a system that tests spatial hearing in a natural hearing situation, and can later be used for training.

06. December 2018
EEG and Eyetracking

How a Robot Reacts to Different Languages

CITEC researcher Dr. Marietta Sionti studies how commands given to robots can be adapted to other languages coming from English.