23. July 2018
Thomas Hermann

A Novel Way of Making Data Audible

Dr. Thomas Hermann of CITEC received the “Best Paper Award” for a fundamentally new method that allows data to be made audible. 

10. July 2018

Following nature's example: animals are prototypes for robotics

Dr. Oliver Bertrand and Prof. Dr. Elisabetta Chicca from CITEC presented their research about robotics at the FENS Forum 2018 in Berlin.

09. July 2018
Catharina Glowania

CITEC Congratulates Catharina Glowania on Successful Dissertation

Neuroscientist Catharina Glowania successfully completed her dissertation on the topic of the relation between hand movements and perception.

05. July 2018
Ipke Wachsmuth together with Paro

How Robots May Someday Assist in Nursing Care

What role could robots play in providing nursing care for the elderly? Professor Dr. Ipke Wachsmuth conducts research on the opportunities – and limits – of artificial intelligence.

02. July 2018
Olga Abramov

“Being a Mom Helps Me in My Research”

Dr. Olga Abramov from the Cluster of Excellence CITEC says “Being a mom helps me in my research.” In an interview, she shares what the “EcoGest” research project is all about.