The CITEC MORe 2015 program has been announced. The timeline consists of the following phases and deadline.



03 July,2015 CITEC MORe program announced.
17 July, 2015 Project proposals collected.
24 July, 2015 Projects and mentors defined.
27 July - 21 August, 2015 Student application period.
21 August, 2015 18:00 CET Student application deadline.
28 August, 2015 Notification of acceptance for Students.
07 Sept. - 11 Sept., 2015 Community bonding period. Students get to know mentors and prepare for their project.
14 Sept. 
– 04 Dec., 2015
Working period. During this time, students spend one month of work for the project. Mentors advise students in their work. After the first half of the project, mentors provide a mid-term evaluation.
04 Dec., 2015
18:00 CET
Project working deadline. Work conducted during the project is handed over to mentors. 
07 Dec.
– 11 Dec., 2015
Conducted work is wrapped up and submitted for program evaluation. Students provide additional documentation or tests requested by the mentor.
14 Dec. 
– 18 Dec., 201
Program evaluation period.