The CITEC Month of Open Research (MORe) is an international program that offers students from abroad stipends to contribute to open source or open data projects related to the research areas of cognitive interaction technology.

The MORe 2015 program has been announced. Please take a look at the Timeline for more information on deadlines!

Since 2007, researchers at CITEC have been investigating the scientific principles necessary for endowing machines – this could be everything from everyday appliances to robots – with cognitive abilities. These machines should be able to interact naturally with people and adjust to changing situations. Researching the scientific foundations of cognitive interaction technology, a research area founded by CITEC, is the necessary pioneering work.

We fund exciting projects that are proposed by experienced mentors of CITEC research groups in order to foster open research in this area. The projects are carefully selected to extend established open source software projects or open data sets or to establish new ones where available solutions are missing.

Through the CITEC MORe program, accepted student applicants are paired with mentors provided by participating research groups of CITEC. During the community bonding period the mentors and applicants are getting to know each other (e.g. via Google hangout) and clarify both sides’ expectations. Thus during their work, they gain direct insights into the very active research field of cognitive interaction. On this way, they create source code, annotated data, or other research artifacts that are released under an open access license. Thus, this program supports the global open science community in this field.

To learn more about the program, read our Frequently Asked Questions page.