Felix Hülsmann

+49 521 106-12150
Faculty of Technology
How do human movements work during sports training, and how can motor skills be improved in a Virtual Reality - based training scenario? These are only some of the questions, we investigate in the CITEC Large-Scale Project „Intelligent Coaching Space (ICSPACE)“. The main research questions relevant for my dissertation inside the ICSPACE project range from the question of how to measure human motion to the analysis of sports movements with a special focus on fitness exercises. Furthermore, I am also interested in enabling virtual characters to use Motion Capture data as a basis for synthesizing sports related movements and gestures necessary for effective coaching. Further information about ICSPACE can be found here: http://graphics.uni-bielefeld.de/research/icspace/ and on my personal homepage: http://graphics.uni-bielefeld.de/people/felix-huelsmann.php