Junya Nakanishi

CITEC Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology
Research building
Inspiration 1 / Zehlendorfer Damm 199
33619 Bielefeld

Room: 2.219
Phone: -
Email: nakanishi.junya'at'irl.sys.es.osaka-u.ac.jp
Office hours: on appointment (via Email)


Duration of stay: 19.4.2017-15.7.2017


About me:

I am in my third year of a Ph. D. in Engineering Science, under the supervision of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro at Osaka University, JAPAN.  My main research is to investigate an impact of huggable humanlike communication media on human communication. I came here to investigate the effects of my research in german samples by doing a study in Germanym, as well as through  discussion with specialists of Social Psychology. I hope that this research may one day assist in human communication and understanding Social Psychology.

Research interests:

- HAI(Human-Agent Interaction)
- Social Psychology