International MORSE-HRI Workshop 2014

07 March 2014
Begin time: 
End time: 
CITEC 1.015

We kick off the International MORSE-HRI Workshop 2014

We cordially invite you to attend this workshop!

MORSE [4] is an open-source simulator for academic robotics, based on Python
and the Blender 3D engine, and with contributions from 15+ labs worldwide.

1) 9:30 - 11:00 Inivited talks by
Séverin Lemaignan: "Welcome notes and MORSE Overview"
Florian Lier: "MORSE and State-Machine-Based Testing for the Humanoid Robot Head FloBI"
Marc Hanheide: "Long-Term Simulation of Dynamic, Interactive Worlds with Morse"

2) 11:15 - 12:00 Coffee (free) / Lunch Break (own expense)

3) 12:00 -14:00 Open Discussion
How can we improve MORSE for Human-Robot Interaction. We might conduct a "hands-on"
session depending on the individual interests and number of participants.

- Presentation of recent developments in MORSE for HRI
- Live demos of current HRI projects running with MORSE
- Open discussion on the missing features and the road-map