Degree Requirements & Coursework

Students choose an individualized course of study based on their prior subject-specific knowledge and their intended dissertation topic. Academic supervisors as well as the ISY Steering Committee are available to help students design their own course of study. Academic content is taught in the form of lectures, colloquia, seminars, projects, and workshops. A listing of current courses is available here.

The degree programme requires 30 credit points (CP; Leistungspunkte (LP) in German). Credit points are determined based on the anticipated workload required of the student. Earning one credit point generally entails a workload of approximately 30 hours. 10 credit points should typically be earned per academic year. Additional information on how credit points are awarded can be found in the study degree programme regulations for Intelligent Systems (only available in German). For individual assistance, please contact Prof.Dr.-Ing. Franz Kummert, Chairman of the ISY Steering Committee.

Documenting Credit Points

Completion of course requirements should be documented in a timely and regular manner. Please use the form "Course achievements" to document your credit points. This form should be submitted by 15 February to Claudia Muhl, manager of the Graduate School, for all credits earned in the previous calendar year.

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