CITEC Ethics Group

The CITEC Ethics Group is concerned with identifying, discussing and prmoting ethical aspects in Cognitive Interaction Technology. We facilitate a multi-disciplinary discourse at CITEC that allows us to consider our work from another perspective. We want to promote the reflexion of our daily routine and encourage thinking beyond our research domain.

Our activities include:

  • composing an ethics manifesto as an ethical guidance document for our research at CITEC
  • organizing talks and discussion panels on topics at the interface of technology and ethics
  • fostering a discourse at the citec and beyond
  • drafting a proposal for a new (compulsory optional) subject as part of the Intelligent Systems (or related) bachelor/master's degree courses
  • encouraging the collaboration with related disciplines
  • carrying an awareness of ethical aspects of CITEC's work into the teaching of Master and PhD students
We would like to invite you to participate in the ethics working group! If you cannot afford the time to participate in the organisational part of the group,
22.09.2016 Prä-konferenz Symposium "Künstliche Intelligenz in Pflege und Betreuung" auf der Jahrestagung der Akademie für Medizinethik
24.6.2015 CITEC Club Special: Talk by Prof. Dr. Ralf Stoecker and Johanna Wagner: "Ethical conflicts of scientific research - illustrated with examples from CITEC"
06.04.2016 CITEC Club Special: "Presentation + Discussion of CITEC Ethics Manifesto"



Dr. Christina Unger, Dr. Thomas Hermann, Dr. Jens-Peter Lindemann, Norman Köster, Sebastian Schneider, Phillip Lücking, Cord Wiljes