Virtual Reality Lab

The Virtual Reality Lab provides experimental environments for simulation, augmentation, and 3D interaction

Immersive Virtual Experiment Environment

The IVEE is a large-scale simulation environment that allows for life-sized interaction with computer simulations and full-body motion capturing.

Application areas are:
Simulation of human-robot or human-agent interactions
Measurement of human behavior in highly-controlled environments
Prototyping and design studies of hardware artifacts
Scientific Visualization

Augmented Reality

The virtual reality lab provides technologies to realize mobile augmented reality systems.

Application areas are:
Head-Mounted Displays (Oculus Rift, Epson Moverio BT-200)
Mobile eye-tracking systems
Solutions for marker-based optical tracking


Web-based Virtual Reality

Besides our solutions based on dedicated hardware, we develop platforms for the dissemination of 3D content in a platform independent way. We achieve this by exploiting the state-of-the-art in web technologies, such as HTML5, WebGL and the Media API.

Application areas are:
Visualization of 3D data on websites, integrated into standard web applications
Platform independent augmented reality solutions


Thies Pfeiffer
Central Lab
Room: 0.410
+49 521-106-12373