Central Lab - Robotics

The CLF Robotics Lab focuses on the development and integration of mobile service robots.

MekaBot M1
The MekaBot M1 is an omnidirectional mobile platform with an anthropomorphic torso that is mounted on a lift. It comprises a sensor head including an RGB, depth and stereo camera. Both arms are compliant with a 4-finger-hand.

The BIRON platform is based on the GuiaBot from MobileRobots. It has been customized with a Katana robot arm, cameras, microphones and two high-performance laptops.

The BIRON platform is adapted for the RoboCup@Home competition. The team ToBI takes part each year since 2009. In 2012 a 3rd place was achieved, in 2014 the team ended 3rd at German Open and 4th at RoboCup.



Sebastian Meyer
zu Borgsen

Robotics Lab
Room: 0.411
+49 521-106-2950