Awarding of Degree and Certificate

Prerequisites for the successful completion of the degree programme include:

  • Successfully completing the doctoral dissertation in accordance with the doctoral degree regulations of the responsible faculty.
  • Earning 30 credit points in the following areas (with minimum required credit points and maximum credit points that can be counted towards the degree):

a) Advanced courses (min. 3 CP, max. 6 CP).
b) Research Groups Seminars (min. 4 CP, max 8 CP).
c) Organization and participation in workshops (max. 3 CP).
d) Tutoring (min. 4 CP, max. 8 CP).
e) Publications (min. 2 CP, max. 10 CP).
f) Supervising Diploma, Master’s, or Bachelor’s theses (max. 6 CP).
g) Additional extracurricular qualifications (max. 6 CP).

Documented completion of degree program requirements should be submitted in a timely manner to Claudia Muhl, manager of the Graduate School, who forwards the credit point documentation form to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz Kummert, Chairman of the IY Steering Committee. After confirming the credit points earned, the Steering Committee issues the degree certificate.

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