Vortrag Brain & Behaviour

Public Event
13. Dezember 2018
Hauptgebäude, Raum W0-135

Arthropods and in particular insects are often considered to be one of the evolutionary most successful groups of animals. One of the Arthropods’ characteristic features, and presumably one of their secrets of success, is their cuticle exoskeleton. So far surprisingly little attention has been paid to the biomechanical properties of this exoskeleton and in particular which role the interaction of exoskeleton structure and cuticle material properties played in facilitating their evolutionary success. In my presentation I will discuss several biomechanics examples to illustrate the fascinating correlation of material properties and morphology in insect exoskeletons. I will show which adaptations of the exoskeleton allow insects to firmly attach to almost all substrates and how we can make insects slip. I will also show adaptations of the locust exoskeleton allowing the insects to jump and land safely and structures in their wings that help them to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.