Prof. Marc Stamminger: Mixing Real and Virtual Worlds by Projection Mapping

Internal Event
07. Juni 2019
CITEC 2.015

"Projection mapping" means to change the appearance of real objects by projecting virtual content onto them. Projection mapping tightly couples real and virtual world, and it makes it possible to augment and to interact with real-world objects in a very unique manner. In the talk I will focus on how to include a user into such a projection mapping system and how to allow her to interact both with the object and the projected content: How can we track the object and adapt the projection, so that it sticks at the surface, even if the user moves it? How can we project content that appears inside the object? How can we integrate multiple projectors, and calibrate such a system automatically? How can we provide a virtual brush with which the user can draw onto the physical object? To illustrate the potential of interactive projection mapping, I will show several examples from our collaboration with archeologists, that use our system to visualize and communicate hypotheses on the painting of ancient statues.