Prof. Latoschik: Not Alone Here?! Social Embodied Interaction in Distributed Immersive Environments.

Internal Event
06. Juni 2019
CITEC 1.015

How do we interact in a future digital realm of networked virtual worlds? How does it feel to share these worlds with avatars, the digital replicas of our physical selves? What are the chances and risks of such a development? This talk will introduce recent advances in Social Virtual Reality (SVR), from basic dyadic embodied interactions to hybrid multi-user worlds simultaneously inhibited by our avatars and virtual agents controlled by Artificial Intelligence. We will investigate the various dimensions of such novel forms of interaction, including the plasticity of body-models, social signal modification and augmentation, degree of realism, or personalization and identity. The talk will report on how to meet the requirements of embodied SVR with today's technical off-the-shelf solutions and what we can expect regarding features, performance, and potential limitations. We will identify typical effects on the quality of experience of co-inhibited virtual worlds in terms of prominent factors, e.g., presence, possibility of interaction, co-presence, or eeriness.