PCL and Robotics in Osnabrück

18. November 2013

The point cloud library (PCL) is a well received open source framework for 3D sensor data processing. It contains a wide range of algorithms, ranging from filtering and visualization over registration and surface generation to recognition and tracking. The library is scalable from low cost 3D cameras like the Kinect up to gigabytes of data with an out of core storage system. It can make use of multiple CPUs as well as the GPU. The corresponding website www.pointclouds.org contains a high number of tutorials and documentation, covering all parts. In this talk, I will give an introduction to the point cloud library. I will give an overview of the different modules and show some details how to work with it. In the second part, I will present some of the work on robotics in Osnabrück. This includes 3D point clouds registration (SLAM) and mobile robotics.