Neurobiology Doctoral Students Workshop

03. August 2016 - 05. August 2016

Since 1990, the NeuroDoWo (Neurobiology Doctoral Students Workshop) has been hosted annually at different German universities with the aim of bringing together graduate students from the diverse fields of neuroscience. Unlike many other meetings, the NeuroDoWo is entirely organized by PhD students for PhD students. As such, it provides early career scientists with a perfect opportunity to discuss their research among peers in an engaging atmosphere and build a scientific network for future research endeavors. Register now, present your thesis project with a talk or a poster and be inspired by our keynote speakers! We encourage contributions from all fields of neuroscience.

It is our pleasure to host the 27th edition of the NeuroDoWo at Bielefeld University.
The conference will be held on August 3 - 5, 2016.

More information and the detailed workshop program is available here:

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We are looking forward to welcoming you to Bielefeld!