Motor selection and visual attention in manual pointing and grasping

31. Mai 2012

Heiner Deubel from the LMU  will have a talk in the Brain and Behaviour Seminar on the following:

Many studies have suggested that goal-directed movements are preceded by covert shifts of visual attention to the movement target. I will first review evidence in favour of this claim for manual reaching movements, demonstrating that the preparation of some of these actions establishes multiple foci of attention which reflect the spatial–temporal requirements of the intended motor task. 

More recently we focused on how grasping points are chosen and on how this selection is related to the spatial deployment of attention during the preparation of grasps. Our results confirm the import role of attention also in grasp planning and provide evidence for divided attention. These findings are consistent with the conjecture that the planning of complex movements enacts the formation of a flexible “attentional landscape” which tags all those locations in the visual lay-out that are relevant for the impending action.