Intelligent Systems Lab Final Event 2015

Public Event
14. Juli 2015
CITEC Lecture Hall

16:00h (Opening)

16:05h AudibleEyed – The Cognitive Chess Trainer

16:15h Cooking with Pupil – A gaze-contingent cooking assistant

16:25h InfoPlant – A biological actuated Ambient Information System for awareness applications

16:35h Interactive Digital Attachments for Mixed-Reality Workspaces

16:45h General Purpose Tabletop Robots

16:55h A framework for FPGA accelerated audio/video processing in intelligent systems

17:05h Sensefloor – A tactile floor for smart environments

17:15h Brain@Work – Mental state monitoring and neurofeedback training in a working environment

17:25h Semantic Databases – A Question Answering System over Freebase

17:35h++ After the presentations there will be time for networking and discussions with the teams.