Guest Talk Karen Roemer

04. Dezember 2018
N3 219

he role of distality on single leg stance

Regulation of posture involves attentional processes and the application of internal or external attentional foci have been linked with accuracy and quality of a movement while executing the skill. Relevant dimensions in this context are either the visual proximity/distality of the movement effect or the body-related proximity/distality of the controller. Previous data suggested better balance performance while using distal attentional focus compared to proximal attentional focus during balance tasks. This study further investigates the role of the distality of attentional focus by A) manipulating the target distance of 2.5m (W2.5) and 5m (W5) and B) increasing difficulty of the single leg stance (SLS) balance tasks (hop into stance, step into stance with three half squats, and stance on an airex pad).