Graduate School Colloquium

11. Januar 2016
Building X, X-E0-224

Chair: Katharina Wendler

Catharina Glowina

Abstract: Everyday we use our hands to gather information about objects (e.g. orientation, roughness). In my work I investigate how we obtain these information with two hands. Keywords: Cognitive Neuroscience, Touch, Haptics, Humans

Anja Philippsen
Abstract: Inspired by infant's speech acquisition, I propose a goal-directed learning mechanism for acquiring vowel production skills in robots. Two different vocal tract simulators are compared and the implementation on a physical vocal robot is discussed. Keywords fitting to what you will present: developmental learning, articulatory speech synthesis, speech acquisition, goal babbling

Larissa Sofia Balduin
Method talk: Discussing pros and cons
Abstract: With the use of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) cortical excitability of specific areas of the brain can be manipulated. The induction of a current flow leads to de- or increase of signal flow in cortical neurons.
Keywords: neuron, tDCS, cortex, method