A Generalized Framework for Dimension Reduction Mappings

30. März 2011

A wealth of powerful dimensionality reduction methods has been established which can be used for data visualization and preprocessing. These are accompanied by formal evaluation schemes, which allow a quantitative evaluation along general principles and which even lead to further visualization schemes based on these objectives. Most methods, however, provide a mapping of a priorly given finite set of points only, requiring additional steps for out-of-sample extensions. We propose a general view on dimensionality reduction based on the concept of cost
functions, and, based on this general principle,  extend dimensionality reduction to explicit mappings of the data manifold. This offers simple out-of-sample extensions. Further, it opens a way towards a theory of data visualization taking the perspective of its generalization ability to new data points. We demonstrate the approach based on a simple global linear mapping as well as prototype-based local linear mappings.