Gastvortrag: Michael Beetz

19. November 2015

openEASE --- A Knowledge Processing Service for Robots and Robotics Researcher

  Making future autonomous robots capable of accomplishing human-scale manipulation tasks requires us to equip them with knowledge and reasoning mechanisms.  We propose openEASE, a remote knowledge representation and processing service that aims at facilitating these capabilities. openEASE provides its users with unprecedented
  access to knowledge of leading-edge autonomous robotic agents. It also provides the representational infrastructure to make inhomogeneous experience data from robots and human manipulation episodes semantically accessible, as well as a suite of software tools that enable researchers and robots to interpret, analyze, visualize, and
  learn from the experience data.  Using openEASE users can retrieve the memorized experiences of manipulation episodes and ask queries regarding to what the robot saw, reasoned, and did as well as how the robot did it, why, and what effects it caused.