Gastvortrag: Frank Papenmeier

01. Dezember 2015

Establishing correspondence in multiple object tracking: Viewpoint changes and object features

The multiple object tracking paradigm (MOT) is used to study observers ability to simultaneously track multiple moving objects among indistinguishable distractors. In this talk, I will focus on the tracking task as observers’ ability to solve the correspondence problem for multiple target objects across time. While previous research focused on the role of spatiotemporal information during tracking, I will present some of our research on the impact of object features (object color) on tracking in displays with spatiotemporal discontinuities. Our findings show that the tracking mechanism utilizes both, spatiotemporal and surface features. In the second part of the talk, I will present further results on how changes in viewpoint (i.e., rotation of the tracking scene) affect tracking performance. In particular, I present findings demonstrating that while static reference objects hardly improve tracking across abrupt viewpoint changes, dynamic and continuous rotations of the empty tracking scene can induce spatial updating thus supporting tracking.