Course 3: Synchrony in conversation and interaction

16. Juli 2012 - 23. Juli 2012

Dates: July 16 - 18, July 23 2012; 10-12h, 13-17h

Regular seminar, but open to anyone interested.

This reading seminar concerns the observation that people engaging in conversation (or other means of collaborative interaction) tend to become more similar to each other in many ways (speaking rate, pitch, dialectal varieties, movement, gaze patterns, and so on) as the conversation progresses. The observation is well-known and well-studied, and has been used in support of several divergent theories. Following a general introduction of the phenomenon and a discussion of the most frequently reported observations, reading is chosen from a selection of influential articles on the topic. Reports should take particular note of
(a) how the increased similarity is defined, captured, and measured,
(b) what reason for the increased
similarities is given, and
(c) if the similarities are taken as evidence for some wider theory.