Colloquium Vision Science

27. Januar 2015
CITEC, Room 2.015

Inge Wilm's research is focused how training may affect brain plasticity and assist the functional recovery of cognitive skills after brain injury. She studies elements like the effect of intensity in training, the method of feedback and the way the level of difficulty in the training must progress in order to stimulate brain plasticity. Her work involves the development and use of computer-based technology such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality both in diagnostics and therapy.

Many factors influence cognitive performance and add to the challenge of doing cognitive effect studies. Normative data is rare, effects are small, tests do not target areas trained and training effects do not transfer to activities of daily life. The area of visual attention and in particular processing speed seems to be a measureable element which is susceptible to improvement. In this talk, I will present the current results from several of my own studies related to cognitive effects on visual attention in healthy and brain injured subjects. I will present a proposal for a method and a way forward in testing and training that will individualize therapy based on gaming technology.