Fr, 09/21/2018
Public Event

The Team of Bielefeld (ToBI) is the Robocup@Home World Champion in the Social Standard Platform League.

The Team participates since 2009 in the RoboCup@Home where a team mostly comprised of students programs a robot to be an assistant to humans at home and more. Challenges to be solved by the robot include hosting parties, give house tours and take the role of a waiter in a real restaurant.

This summer, the team managed to win the title at the world championship in Montreal. At our homecoming we give impressions of the competion and a live demonstration of our final performance. We welcome students who are interested in joining the team for next year and everyone interested in our robotics research.

Mo, 10/08/2018 - Mi, 10/10/2018
Internal Event
09:00 - 17:00
As part of the RATIO Project, we are holding a Hackathon event on Argumentation Technology. Members from different groups participating in the RATIO project are getting together to explore and develop innovative research strategies in this area of study.