2017 - Cognitive Architectures

Keynote Talks

Aim and Scope:

This summer school brought together internationally renowned senior experts and young researchers from computer and cognitive sciences, robotics, biomechanics, interaction design, and philosophy to present, discuss and explore recent advances to cognitive architectures. Focusing on the perspectives of modularity, adaptivity, interaction, shared autonomy and inter-subjectivity the five-day programme was organized around keynote talks by senior experts and hands-on workshops on instances of hypothesis-driven system building.

Participants learnt to build state-of-the-art cognitive architectures using robotic platforms available at the CITEC labs such as the small and modular robot platform AMiRo (Autonomous Mini Robot), iCub, SoftBank’s Pepper robot, or a bi-manual manipulator setup with anthropomorphic hands. Beyond the courses and the talks of the invited speakers, the attendance provided ample opportunities for discussions, and the exchange of ideas. Participants were encouraged to raise questions and bring in their own ideas, which focused on testing hypotheses, modelling cognitive architectures, implementing specific behavioural functions, expanding past models, or provided a proof-of-concept. Ideas of the participants have been raised in the letter of motivation. The focus was either on software or on hardware related topics, and combinations of both.

Invited Guests:

International guests introduced the participants to their approaches and recent cutting-edge work on cognitive architectures.


Each day started with presentations by the invited speakers to ignite discussions on leading questions and offer viewpoints on modularity, adaptivity, interaction, shared autonomy and inter-subjectivity in the context of cognitive architectures for intelligent robots. In the afternoons, participants worked in parallel workshops on four robotic platforms to gain practical experience with implementations of focused experiments with connection to the topics discussed in the morning sessions. This work was aided by accompanying in-depth tutorials. On the final day, an informal demonstration event gave each workshop group the opportunity to present their results to the other participants.

Program Committee:

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