2011 - Mechanisms of Attention - From Experimental Studies to Technical Systems


Perceptual systems, may them be human, animal or artificial, are continuously confronted with the need to select, prioritize and structure information coming from the vast and noisy sensory data flow.
Attention mechanisms have been object of interest in multiple disciplines in the last years. Deciding where to look when we search for someting, what information to extract to fast and dexterously act upon objects, which landmarks are more useful for orienting in a maze, how can the external environment be encoded in an efficient way across multimodal perception or which cues of the partner´s behaviour have to be attended in a social interaction scenario, are some examples of cognitive abilities requiring specific attentive mechanisms.
CITEC Summer School 2011 will focus on such mechanisms from the perspective of psychology, machine vision, neurobiology, linguistics and sports science and will offer keynote lectures and discussions with world-renowned experts in these fields, along with hands-on tutorial streams for deepening and practicing theoretical notions and experimental skills.

Invited Keynotes by

  • Ehud Ahissar | Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel: "Closed Loop Perception of Object Location"
  • Dana Ballard | University of Texas at Austin, USA: "Virtual Environments for the Study of Embodied Cognition"
  • Gordon Logan | Vanderbilt University, USA: "Attention and Hierarchical Control of Cognition and Action"
  • Mark Williams | The University of Sydney, Australia: "Anticipation and Decision-Making in Sport: From Conceptual Frameworks to Applied Interventions"
  • Mary Hayhoe | University of Texas Austin, USA: "Understanding Attentional Control in the Context of Behavior"
  • Gustavo Deco | Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain: "Neuronal and Synaptic Mechanisms Underlying Attention"
  • John Tsotsos | York University, Canada: "A View ofVision as Dynamic Tuning of a General Purpose Processor"

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