2010 - The Structure of Cognitive Motion: From Analysis to Synthesis


The CITEC Summer School series is aimed at top graduate students who are interested in the themes connected to Cognitive Interaction Technology. The vision of CITEC is to create interactive tools that can be operated easily and intuitively - to fit future technology more seamlessly into daily human life. In order to accomplish this, such technology needs to be endowed with cognitive capabilities, and so part of CITEC's mission is the study of the fundamental architectural principles of cognitive interaction. We believe this goal can only be realized through intense interdisciplinary cooperation. The proposed summer school series aims to bring together researchers from a wide range of fields for discussion and exchange of ideas.

Invited Keynotes by

  • Bettina Bläsing | Bielefeld University, Gemany
  • Hanspeter Mallot | Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen, Germany
  • David Rosenbaum | Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Stefan Schaal | University of Southern California, USA
  • Anatol Stefanowitsch | University of Hamburg, Germany
  • David Wolpert | NASA Ames Research Center, Stanford University Aeronautics and Astronautics Dept., USA

Workshop Streams

  • Stream 1 - Biorobotic Vision
  • Stream 2 - Complex Human Movement - Neurocognition and Neuroinformatics in Action
  • Stream 3 - Interaction, Language and Space
  • Stream 4 - From Perception to Behavior
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